Integrated community development with a focus on empowering women through livelihood training

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Peace Foundation

Integrated community development through women empowerment, education, Farmers producer companies and livelihood programmes

Peace foundation was born in 1996. Ever since our inception, we have been rendering our services to empower women and enable them to spearhead the development of their community in a sustainable way. Our educational and economic programmes are designed to help the rural communities particularly the weaker sections to realize their potential and utilize it for their personal development with access to newer opportunities. Peace foundation strives to foster an ecosystem, where communities can collaborate to attain social security and freedom

Our focus areas

An integrated approach to build a equitable and empowered society

Mission & Vision


Comprehensive Community Development


To enhance the socio-economic, educational, health, and infrastructural status of village and urban areas.

Our Programs

Women empowerment

Empowering women could lead to overall development of rural areas as women's contribution plays a vital role in improving families total income level. We empower them through the formation of Self-Help Groups at village-levels to reach women impoverished by social evils. We facilitate credit linkages through SHGs, and many women are encouraged to be entrepreneurs and be financially independent.


We run an After-School Centre for children from government schools in rural areas. The purpose of this centre is to help children overcome their fear of speaking out their thoughts, and to improve their communication skills. We also have trained faculties to help them with their academics. Students are given life skills training, and encouraged to pursue higher education.

Farmers produce company

Farmers Produce Intelligent Group has been formed to improve their quality of life and get awareness about agriculture. We help them sell their products directly with intermediaries, increase their efficiency in bargaining in the market, and widen their knowledge about the value added practice. These steps ensure that farmers are well-informed about producing and selling their products.


As a part of livelihood promotion, we help people get credit linkages to buy cow, goats or other means to start their business. Through this approach, we have created employment opportunities for many people who were below poverty line. It has helped them in their financial stability and enhanced their socio-economic status.

De-addiction centre

Our de-addiction centre was started in July 10th, 2010, to help family members who are addicted to alcohol and became a hurdle in women's development. We provide counselling and necessary training to help people recover from addiction. So far, 200 people have recovered through our de-addiction centre.

Our Activities

Training for teachers


A training for the teachers who conduct classes for evening tuition centres was held on 20th, 21st and 22nd of February 2022 at Mayiladuthurai. The training was mainly focussed on the three important aspects on how to train the students, to give importance to education and to teach on how to develop the skills of rural children. 5 staff members conducted the training where 30 teachers participated. The training program was also attended by Dr. R. Selvam, Director, Mr. Soulwin, Physiotherapist, Mr.Doulas, New Begins and Mrs. Vijaya.

Expo visit


An exposure visit for SHG members to Madurai TNAU and NABIF was held on 20th January 2022. The exposure trip was mainly to benefit farmers and spread awareness on “How to make value added products, how to make branding of the products” and “How to package the products.” Altogether, 5 staff members coordinated the exposure trip where 25 SHG members also participated. Mr. A.Senthil Arasan, Deputy Manager and Mr. Ramasubramanian were also part of the trip.

Financial literacy for farmers


On 10th january 2022, an exposure visit was organised at Pudukottai to encourage the doubling of the farmers income. 5 staff members took over the trip where 25 women farmers were participants. The trip was also joined by Mr. Kanan, CEO Keeranur Farmer Producer Company.

Illam Thedi Kalvi inauguartion


The inauguration of “Illam Thedi Kalvi” to provide stationery items to Government school students was held on 28th December 2022 at Asikadu in Mayiladuthurai District. The programme was inaugurated to encourage students to pursue their studies. The program was conducted by 5 staff members where 70 children from the rural area attended. The program was also attended by the Director of Peace Foundation, Dr. R. Selvam.

Awareness program on SHGs


Peace foundation on 26th December 2021 held a certificate handling for Mayiladuthurai Farmer Producer Company to shareholder members and conducted an awareness program for women Self Help Groups. The program was held at Mayiladuthurai where 5 staff members coordinated for the program. Certificates were given to shareholders to conduct IOP women Self Help Groups awareness meetings. Altogether 50 women farmers were able to benefit from the program where Mayiladuthurai District Pioneer Bank, Manager was also present.

Distribution of traditional seeds


On 6th of December 2021, the Peace Foundation distributed traditional seeds to farmers in Mayiladuthurai district. The activity was conducted with the aim to develop and help the farmers. Peace Foundation’s 5 staff members took over the program where farmers were the targeted beneficiaries. Altogether there were 200 beneficiaries of the program. Mr.Nel Jayaraman was at the venue of the distribution.

Training for Cattle and Poultry farming


On 15th November 2021, we conducted training for Cattle and Poultry farming as a part of extension activity by Peace Foundation in Palayiur, Mayiladuthurai District to enhance the knowledge of Poultry and Cattle farming among the farmers. There were five trainers who conducted the training which was attended by farmers in the area. The following dignitaries were present during the training; Ms.Usha - ICICI Foundation Dr.Sugumar – Veterinary Doctor

Our Impact

It is the small change that makes the biggest impact.


Board Members

Dr. R Selvam

Managing Trustee

S. Vijaya

Financial Trustee

P. Inbaraj


P. Uma




Team Members

Mr P. Manirajan - CFM

Mrs S. Ranjani - Accountant

Mr S. Doulas - Programme Officer

Mrs Uma - Field Worker

Mrs Vijaya - Field Worker



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